Why Should Your Organization Undergo an Annual Maintenance Contract?

Organization and implementation of your daily IT activities is a big responsibility. It requires enormous resources, time, and knowledge. Rockford undertakes this task on behalf of your business by partnering with Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC). Our team can be of most help as we are qualified and experienced to take over your IT operations. This will allow you to concentrate on fulfilling primary corporate functions while we handle cloud maintenance services including backup & recovery, network infrastructure setup, software deployment, system management inclusive with management reporting, and security controls.

AMC is important for businesses, especially if you are working on several projects at a time. Add to it, Microsoft office 365 is rapidly brining in new capabilities and products which need to be integrated within your business processes seamlessly. Our capable IT experts will ensure that your organization’s IT, Office 365 and Cloud Solutions are always up to date and integrated with your company processes.


Importance of AMC

  • Safeguarding from Virus Attacks: When any virus attacks systems, it can corrupt, delete, or reformat files and slow computer performance. A security specialist from our team should be able to eradicate viruses, malware, spyware, adware, and similar components, but the first step is to install an antivirus program and integrate a firewall. It thus becomes important that under an AMC, we take care of all these worries for you and ensure that your antivirus program is running smoothly.
  • Hardware Update: Businesses should always update their hardware in the same way that they update their software; when a business requires the addition and/or replacement of hardware, the IT AMC provided by us can support the business by providing necessary equipment.
  • Software Update: Businesses must remain current with advanced technologies to succeed, and an Annual Maintenance Contract would cover this need. As your service provider, we will keep all applications updated with new software updates and new features in order to assure more reliable performance. This helps your employees stay productive as well as improve their skills through the change. As mentioned earlier many software tend to bring in new capabilities and products which need to be integrated, our team will take care of that on your behalf.
  • Data Recovery and Backup: Losing business data is costly to an organization’s status, performance, and efficiency. Hence, it is wise to invest in an annual maintenance contract that includes a strategic plan for data backup and recovery. Our team is proficient in helping companies in data recovery, without any loss of information.

As can be seen from the above discussion, for organizations, it makes for a wise decision to undergo AMC’s with reputed companies who will be able to help them throughout the year for all their IT related requirements, without having to worry for extra costs incurred for each new service. If you are looking for such solutions, contact Rockford Computers today!

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