Why Rockford Computers Should Be Your IT Security Partner?

We are living in a time when digitalization of business is bolstering commercial outreach, visibility, and expansion. There is a downside too. Increasing digitalization has made businesses – big and small – prone to cyber-attacks that can potentially thwart business operations and credibility. So, it is only natural to ramp up security measures, and ensure that sensitive business information does not become public the wrong way. One remedy that can be applied is use of secure and foolproof ERP systems. To navigate through such tough times, let Rockford Computer LLC be your IT security planner and partner. We’ll tell you why.

Rockford Computers LLC is Dubai’s leading ERP and accounting systems services provider. Therefore, we fully know the both the tricks and threats of the trade that can affect your business’s digital assets. That’s why we have partnered with brands that are globally renowned for designing and developing ERP and accounting solutions that can stand the test of time, and effectively defend your organization’s business functions, management, and automation against malicious online activities. As well as our team also specializes in producing custom-made solutions for clients. Our team of developers and technicians are technology geeks; they are always looking for ways to make our products better, refined, and technologically advanced. In other words, when you associate with us, we deliver solutions and products that are latest, and also the safest.

For a business to safeguard itself against IT security threats, it is essential that they have stringent IT security practices – which can be activated automatically and instantly – to protect the company’s ERP and accounting assets from getting attacked. Here’s how Rockford Computer LLC can help you.

Employee Training:

A company’s employees are its biggest USP. For IT security reasons, it is recommended that employees be subjected to security-related training regularly. When you purchase ERP and accounting products and solutions from Rockford, we assign a developer/technician to you who will visit your organization and deliver a training session. The session will cover all areas of the ERP/accounting products and services you have bought from us. Our team member will visit your premises at regular intervals to make sure that the software is duly inspected, upgraded, and also inform and train your workers about the latest developments in the software.

Software Updates:

It cannot be emphasized how important and crucial software updates are for the overall safety of your business management and automation. At Rockford, we have a dedicated staff of customer service representative who will make calls and drop emails to notify you about impending software updates. In case you are too occupied in other business matters, you can always ask us to come by, and do the software updates and upgrades for you. These measures ensure that your ERP and accounting software are kept up-to-date, and all potential weaknesses are taken care of well in advance.

Private Cloud:

Private Cloud storage is the trending practice that organizations are recommended to use as a safe passage against murky cyber activities. Typically, ERP systems are open-ended in the way that there are multiple users logged in from different locations. We advise our clients to eschew this practice and use our private cloud storage facility. Private cloud allows businesses to do business using fewer access points. As a result, hackers are dissuaded. Above all, private cloud promises increased monitoring, reporting, and easy threat detection and diffusion in real-time.

IT security is the need of the hour, especially as we help in the complete digital transformation of your company operations. Keeping the current need in mind, we offer customized IT security packages to safeguard your business. Contact us today!

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