Van Sales Management Made Easy with Rockford Computers

Van sales management is at the center of supply chain management for companies that specialize in Direct Store Delivery (DSD) services in the retail and FMCG sectors. Effective delivery is the basis of these industries and hence it is vital that Van Sales Management have highly functional systems. Rockford computer specializes in such management system ERP’s which enable such industries to function effectively. These modules seamlessly integrates backend operations and their DMS (Distribution Management System) with which high-volume handling becomes easy and manageable.

What are Van Sales Management Systems?

The Rockford Van Sales management System allows sales, transport and merchandising fleet managers to maintain stock in real-time. We provide tailor-made and customized System to manage all aspects of Van sales processes and delivery process with full control for the admin users, salesmen and customers. Handling the inventory efficiently is the requirement for any company and by using such a software, this can be achieved easily. Synchronization of items, batches, expiry dates and sales makes it easy for production,

Benefits of Van Sales Systems

There are a number of benefits associated with Van Sales Management Systems, however some of the main ones include:

  • Reduction in transaction errors
  • Track as well as record all deliveries and sales along with their transaction date, salesman, location and vehicle.
  • Easy tracking of collected payments.
  • Reduction in product returns
  • Proof of delivery
  • Improved information sharing

Features of Van Sales Management

VAT integrated VAN sales management systems are an ideal solution for FMCG’s since there is strict quality control protocols and, Van Sales management systems are excellent to streamline operations. Furthermore, these systems also help in easy and accurate delivery due to optimized routes. Additionally, the sales automation software stores all the important information on centralized servers which syncs data in real-time. Since other departments are able to view this information, it becomes easier for account management, production and logistics.

  • Order management and scheduling
  • Route optimization
  • Journey planning
  • Real-time invoicing
  • Payment reconciliation
  • Real-time tracking
  • Inventory reconciliation
  • KPI reporting
  • Improve stock visibility

To conclude, for the FMCG and other industries, Van Sales Management Systems are a major boon, thanks to its automation capabilities and integration of different functions within a single module. Rockford Computers has been providing its customers with solutions since a long time, ensuring their business operations run smoothly. If you are looking for such a module, contact us for consultation and we will guide you through the way.

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