Transform Business to Paperless with Kissflow Workflow

Workflows can get complicated if they are not well aligned and properly managed. Instead of helping to ease the processes, such workflows tend to create a complex system. Therefore, it is time you do something radical and come up with solutions that will help your finance department. One of the greatest impediments we have observed are the long paper trails and keeping track of them. Hours to issue invoices and their approval, errors in reimbursements and keeping track of receipts.

It’s time you switch to a paperless model that will make things easier and more streamlined. One of the biggest aspects of digital transformation is going paperless with all your workflow processes. By digitally converting information and data, it can be easily accessed, searched, and retrieved. This helps to simplify the process, reduce costs, and improve employee productivity while also increasing customer satisfaction due to faster responses.

If you are contemplating whether to make the switch, here are a few reasons to do so:

  • Less mistakes: One of the most compelling reasons to make the switch to paperless workflows is the reduction in mistakes. Human errors such as calculation mistakes, incomplete information and illegible writing cause delays and backlogs. With paperless workflow systems, these mistakes can be eliminated to great extent, helping to simplify processes.
  • Increased security: The risk of theft, natural disasters and other factors is very high when dealing with physical paper trail. Instead, having a sophisticated cloud-based workflow system such as Kissflow can be a much better option as it helps to recover all data easily due to the fact that data is backed up regularly, improving security. Additionally, all important documents and data can be put into digital folders with minimal access. In this manner you can safeguard sensitive data easily with the help of paperless workflows.
  • Easy accessibility: Whether you are looking for a purchase order, or looking for an update on a status, all that and more can be done easily with a paperless workflow. Kissflow offers automation of purchase orders, so that it becomes easier for you to manage. Access to sensitive information can be restricted in automated paperless purchase order systems such as the ones provided by Kissflow. You may hide data-fields or even make them read-only so that others may not edit it. With so much customization and control, your documents can remain safe and secure with paperless systems.
  • Easy compliance: Auditing is one of the most important aspects of any organization and this is made possible when you do not have to dig into tons of paperwork which may have missing papers or incomplete papers. With paperless workflows you have access to all the important documents and contracts in a jiffy. Additionally, with a trackable trail of digital documents, complying with government or industry regulations becomes easier.


With so many advantages, it is important that your organization give more thought to going paperless this new year! Digital transformation is the way to move forward, and this can be achieved easily by adopting paperless workflow systems such as Kissflow. To know more about such paperless workflows, contact Rockford today!

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