Data Center Services

Data Center Services Solutions

The data center is the heart of the digital business. When the data center is healthy, your organization works confidently towards its objectives. When it encounters a problem, critical business issues ensue. Rockford Computers understands that data center availability and reliability are vital to your success.
Create the optimal environment for a reliable, space-efficient new data center. Rockford Computers provides everything you need to ready your facility for smooth installation of digital infrastructure, with complete preparation, racking and connectivity solutions. Your data center’s power and cooling needs are neither simple nor constant. 

When workloads grow, or demands on digital services spike, equipment draws more power and temperatures rise. Scaling up your data center also changes power and cooling requirements. Only by ensuring your environment is prepared for every scenario can you mitigate risks such as costly downtime and hardware failure.
Information security is among the biggest challenges faced by organizations today – and physical security should be the foundation of every organization’s strategy. Rockford Computers understands that while software-based security is essential, physically securing your organization is just as important. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of enterprise-grade physical security solutions, for organizations of all sizes.

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