How Rockford can assist in complete digital transformation of SME’s

All businesses must adapt to the digital age, regardless of size. Digital transformation simply involves integrating digital technology into all areas of your business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers. In the face of digital transformation, enterprises have no other choice but to revamp their business models. Or else they will be left behind. To be more responsive to the market, companies should reexamine their business models.

Rockford computers realizes the importance of digital transformation and hence has embarked on the journey of helping all their clients in complete digital transformation of their processes. With the expertise that we possess, we help you to streamline all your business processes in a manner that ensures that the organization achieves better performance from agile solutions.

Framework for Digital Transformation

Although your organization’s specific challenges and demands will affect the specifics of your digital transformation, certain characteristics of successful frameworks and business plans appear to be consistent. Some of the common elements that Rockford Computers has identified in their Digital Transformation efforts are as follows:

  • Customer experience
  • Operational agility
  • Workforce enablement
  • Digital technology integration

Customer Experience: If you don’t have a focus on serving customers, your digital transformation initiatives might just be moving the same things around on an organizational chart. An increasing number of businesses are using new technologies which allow them to cut down on costs that they were previously forced to incur. While this is one of the steps of digital transformation, it isn’t enough. Poor customer experiences not only cost companies money through uncollected fees and penalties, but also erode consumer trust and loyalty.

Operation Agility: Operation agility is a key element in any business approaching digital transformation. Operational agility is the ability to change directions, reprioritize, and make different decisions about operations, technology, and information quickly. Upgrading legacy systems is one of the important steps of operation agility. It can be a frustrating and costly proposition, so it helps to have an expert such as Rockford Computers to create the right architectures for different segments to enable transformation.

Workforce Enablement: One of the effects of digital transformation is the transformation of workplaces. With digital workplaces, we can reduce the amount of time your workforce spends working and instead increase productivity. The digital transformation of workplace by Rockford essentially means taking into consideration all of the technology that people use at work, from finance to HR to core business applications.

Digital Technology Integration: Digital technologies help organizations streamline their processes. Upgrading technology can make your workers more productive, but it won’t transform the way your business works unless you make other big changes. Your technology decisions must support your overall business objectives and drive transformation. If you are introducing digital technology to your business, think about how it will affect your end-to-end process. At Rockford Computers we help you identify the digital technologies that will integrate well with your organization, thus helping your organization in the transformation journey.

With all of the global disruptions caused by Covid-19, businesses are now looking towards complete digital transformation and Rockford is here to be your catalyst for change.

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