How ERP takes Customer Experience to a next level

Just a few years back, customer experience journey was not an expression used often and did not hold a lot of merit, even though customers remained at the center of operations. However, over the years, perceptions have changed considerably; since 1990’s, after the widespread use of internet, companies were able to get a more detailed view of what the customers were thinking or feeling throughout the customer journey. This insight has proven to be very beneficial to companies as it helps to understand what your customers want. Thus, there is not just an urgency, but also a need to invest in the right ERP system that will help to not just increase operational efficiency but also enhance customer loyalty.

It is important to consistently create a good customer experience throughout all the channels to meet the expectations of your customers. Keeping a keen eye on the entire customer journey can be achieved by having transparency across all systems using ERP systems. ERP integration will help in connecting backend and frontend operations seamlessly, thus managing data silos efficiently and effectively.

How ERP Integration helps in Customer Journey:

  • Enhanced user interface: With the use of ERP-integrated interface, there is improved customer experience due to better visibility across all processes. It also offers a quicker response time as well as product access. Such an enhanced experience is what helps to retain customers. With a well conceptualized ERP system, you are able to connect and monitor all the different facets of business, this gives a better control and thus you are able to ensure that you give an enhanced experience to your customers.
  • Enhanced supply chain management: An integrated ERP System which is automated ensures that the product is sourced and delivered on time. Light from production planning to labor management, packaging and delivery, ERP integration is able to handle everything seamlessly. This means that there will be no waiting time for customers to check the availability of the products as all the information will be available to them. Thus, a good ERP System helps the customer in identifying the products that they want and their availability while ensuring it gets delivered on time, thus striking the perfect balance between demand and supply; this ultimately translates into a good customer experience.
  • Always-on Communication: Modern ERP Systems are integrated with AI technology such as Chatbots with smart text and human-like voice. These Chatbots not only answer queries but are also able to forecast consumer queries. Due to this capability, customers are able to not just chat and resolve their issues but also have clear understanding of their deliver. With the help of AI integrated ERP Systems, businesses are able to provide valuable information regarding business functions to the suppliers, customers and operators.

In any business, a positive customer journey is vital to the success of the business. Delivering a positive experience to the customer always leads to the growth of the company. This can be achieved by investing in an ERP System. If you are looking for an ERP expert to help you identify the right ERP System for your business, Rockford Computers is one of them. With our extensive knowledge and expertise in the field, we will be able to help you identify and implement the perfect ERP System in your business.

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