ERP trends that accelerate digital transformation

Enterprise resource planning software, often known as ERP or simply an ERP system, is an integrated suite of software applications that enables companies to streamline and integrate internal business processes. It tracks all employee, customer and product data in real-time and provides detailed analytics to help businesses make efficient decisions, quickly. It is one of the most powerful ways businesses can improve productivity, financial performance, and customer satisfaction.

The rise of a new kind of digital business has accelerated the adoption of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software in innovative and surprising ways. As these disruptive trends transform how companies conduct business, ERP is evolving to remain at the forefront.

Trends come and go, but there are some that change the way people live their lives. Integrated technologies and platforms, artificial intelligence and the rise of social media have all transformed the way we communicate and work. These are some of the ERP trends that accelerate the digital transformation.



The future of ERP is here – in the cloud. Cloud technology trends make it easy for businesses to work from anywhere and scale quickly.

One unified cloud that runs all your business applications, projects, and processes, backed by the latest in security and compliance.

It simplifies the tasks of large enterprises and helps to reduce the cost and complexity of implementations.

Introducing ERP Cloud, a fully integrated, real-time ERP that combines financial management, human resources management (HR), and supply chain management (SCM) with machine learning for automated business processes.

Look to leading companies from all industries for key insights into how they’re leveraging the cloud, plus industry experts share trends to watch. Get the data you need to move forward with confidence.


2.Artificial intelligence

Did you know that artificial intelligence is one of the hottest ERP trends today? Artificial intelligence is an industry that’s growing at an incredibly fast rate. It’s no longer a future tech. Artificial intelligence ERP trends are accelerating enterprise digital transformation. Hundreds of thousands of B2B small and medium-sized business enterprises are now using or testing it.

We already use artificial intelligence on a daily basis. Our smartphones, Alexa, Google Assistant, Netflix and more are all powered by it.


3.IoT (Internet of Things)

This is one of the most significant ERP trends in the recent years and is predicted to have a high market share too. The IoT ERP trend is interlaced with ERP systems as they hold control on key business systems of companies in an agile manner. These systems are capable of upgrading themselves over time to keep up with the latest technology advancements.

The Internet of Things is the network of physical devices enabled with electronics, sensors, softwares and connectivity which enables these objects to connect and exchange data. We already see many ERPs are getting connected to the IoT cloud.


4.Mobile application

Mobile application ERP trend has been growing rapidly in most organisations. As all the businesses are adopting, implementing and adapting to latest technologies, ERP solutions have also been looking for ways to redesign their software, processes and business model for better gains and enhanced business value. Re-architecting ERP solutions is a never-ending process as software development and technology changes keep evolving at exponential rates.

If you are still using desktop applications, it is high time to switch to mobile applications. These days, everyone uses smartphones and everyone uses apps.

We have been following the latest digital transformation trends for some time now, and believe it is time to stand back and reflect. Rockford computers can help you with your ERP implementation. We have the experience and expertise to match your business needs. Rockford computers helps customers with the best Industry standard ERP softwares which help them to manage and monitor their business for better profits.

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