Manufacturing & Assembly

Manufacturing & Assembly Solutions

We align our manufacturing and assembly solutions with top-grade and industry-specific facets and features to aid with tasks related to production planning and control, product life cycle management, quality control, etc. There are other beneficial features such as labor reporting, dispatch lists, assembly lineup, Quality check, and all these aspects that help companies to ensure that all manufacturing and assembly processes are accurate and complete.

In all, the software applications we design for this category are designed to enhance overall operational effectiveness across the board. The software has configuration flexibility which makes it useful for all kinds of manufacturing and assembly environments – continuous and batch production. Moreover, we also integrate BOM management which enables the creation of unlimited work processes related to manufacturing and assembly tasks so that project managers can have oversight on every step of different manufacturing and assembly cycles in work centers.

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Other Products:

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It is a comprehensive all-in-one business suite that facilitates superior business management and smart decision-making.

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Focus 9 is an innovative and dynamic ERP software solution that is lined with robust features.

Focus i

The best ERP Accounting System for automated finance management.


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