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Focus 9 is an innovative and dynamic ERP software solution that is lined with robust features that underline and execute a wide array of critical company processes including financial accounting and reporting, human resource, sales and marketing, and many other beneficial USPs that promote to enhance the quality of organization-wide functions and overall business operations and performance. The inclusion and fusion of various technologies enable Focus 9 to have compatibility with most platforms, and the high integration ability ensures that all the company’s core functions and activities can be integrated into one platform. Focus 9 comes with cloud-based functionality and it is loaded with top-grade security and interface features. All of the benefits and USPs work in cohesion to provide excellent navigation, access, and experience to end-users.

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Product Features:

INDUSTRY-READY TEMPLATES - Reduce Deployment Time And Get Custom Features

HYBRID DATABASE - On-Disk And In-Memory Data Storage Features

THIN CLIENT - Access And Log In To ERP From Any Browser

MOBILITY - Bringing Business To Fingertips, Literally!

Advanced Report Writer

Dynamic workflow management

Interactive home screen for easy data entry

Integrated data management system that increases scalability and lowers complexity

Access business process information anytime, anywhere

Built-in Business Intelligence Tools

Multi-tier, scalable and secure

KPI definition and smart data analyzer


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