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EDGE ERP Solutions

Integrate your pivotal frontend and backend office functions and operations in a systematic manner with the Edge ERP software. Irrespective of your company size, Edge ERP is equipped to provide exceptional operational competency, oversight efficiency, and customer insights and experience. It is industry-versatile which means that it can cater to firms in all industries and sectors. We recommend Edge ERP to clients who are seeking a niche ERP suite solution for their organization. A signature IT product, it that caters to all kinds of organizational needs, challenges, and processes. With Edge ERP, and its top-notch technologies you can be rest-assured that your organization’s core experiences – internal and external – will get a facelift of sorts, and will deliver a wide array of profits and business benefits in the long haul.

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Product Features:

Industry ready, pre-configured and ready to deploy

Simplified User Experience (UX)

Reduced operational costs

Multi-Currency, Multi-Language, Multi-Location

Scalable for small to medium enterprises

Integrated powerful search for Masters, Transactions and Reports

MIS Dashboards and Business Intelligence

KPI Dashboards

Fully VAT compliant

Transparent Audit Trail


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