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Centra CRM is a best-fit solution for customer management needs. The software is comprehensively-installed with features that provide support for all kinds of CRM tasks and actions. Centra CRM is good news for businesses across all industries that are looking for a software suite that is an all-in-one product wherein a wide array of implementations can be actioned easily. Centra CRM has technologies that promote accurate lead management – from initiation to final conversion – intuitive real-time reporting cycles and dashboards. Contact management is another feature that makes this software stand out in the CRM category. You can easily store, access, and track customer information.

Among other exceptional features that Centra CRM has, the customer account management, order management, customer segmentation, and sales automation faculties are responsible for giving it a competitive edge above the rest.The other USP features include Self Service customer portal, Call Scripting, Price Book Matrix, Contract, and SLA Management, Campaign Management, Campaign Reporting, Budgeting, and ROI analysis, Google Maps Integration, Sales Team Hierarchy and Territory Management, Account and Contact Management, Sales Analytics and customizable dashboard, and much more.

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Product Features:

Seamlessly Integrate sales, marketing, and service automation on a single platform to drive business revenue faster, smarter, and better

Access crucial business data anytime, anywhere with Centra CRM's cloud-based data storage facility

Create a centralized platform to unify all your customer contact database on a single platform

Customize your CRM platform to best suit your business requirements

Align sales and marketing to generate the best possible email campaigns, sales nurturing campaigns, sales closure techniques, and many more.

Deliver best in class customer support with state-of-the-art service automation modules.

Streamline and unify your team efforts by helping your teammates collaborate on a single platform.

Leverage sophisticated automation tools which drive robust contact data and project management at great prices, easily affordable by small and medium-sized businesses.


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