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Are you an automotive company looking to upgrade the management of your business and customer care operations? Centra Auto software is for you! It is a comprehensive and highly-reliable software that provides advanced features and solutions to SMEs in the automotive sector. With Centra Auto, automotive firms can have a better grasp of organizational and business activities. Users can manage and streamline all business processes – accounting, reporting, customer service and management, and much more. Be it handling car sales, rentals, workshop activities, garage movements and facilities, Centra Auto is built as a single platform to help automobile dealers and vendors to implement different applications for accomplishing all kinds of operation

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Product Features:

Customizable dashboards

GUI based workflow definition

Alerts, Emails and SMS integration

Business Intelligence

Vehicle Inventory

Job card

Delivery & Invoicing

Servicing, Accident & Repairs

Warranty & insurance Claim

Spare parts and Inventory management

ERP integration


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