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The traditional method of business process management has become redundant because it is marred by inconsistencies, errors and loop-holes. Business Process Management (BPM) application provides greater control over organizational processes. It helps to reduce time taken to process items, gain better oversight of processes and improve communication through approval mechanisms. Our Business Processes Management (BPM) system gives you the ability to manage, automate and optimize organizational business processes. Such automated and managed processes help to increase efficiency and productivity by routing all the tasks, transactions and activities to the person in-charge through approval workflow. Our BPM program runs independently in browser as well as mobile application, making it easy to use anywhere, anytime.

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Product Features:

Runs in a browser independent and mobile platform independent environments.

Can use a combination of multiple organisational charts and user defined rules to design specific workflows.

Field level security limits the selection lists available to users dramatically improving the accuracy of captured data.

Flexible form layouts that ensures only relevant fields are displayed on capture screens.

Full audit capabilities at a Microsoft SQL database level.

Automate data entry using Optical Character Recognition scanning (OCR) technology reducing data entry errors and increasing productivity.


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