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Taking full control and supervision of your inventory is the primary step to ensuring that your revenues and profits get maximized based on the stockpile you have. With the Inventory Management module, companies can ably control all aspects of warehouse locations and inventory activities in each. The module has a set of prefixed tools that stay updated about on-hand quantities, purchase orders, and the module automatically revises inventory calculations based on purchase orders. This module is your ideal bet for you to be on top of your inventory – what’s there and what’s not – and place orders accordingly so that you never run out of what the customers want. This Inventory Management module has inbuilt faculties that inform users about inventory availability in real-time. The high-integration features ensure that you can meet customers’ demand, and your inventory is never facing shortages.

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The traditional method of business process management has become redundant because it is marred by inconsistencies, errors and loop-holes.


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