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The Business Intelligence module provides all the tools required to enforce smart business decisions and improve the value within the organization’s business prospects. The module offers dashboards and superior-quality reporting functions that enable users to derive flexible and accurate analysis of all kinds of business data, and derive targeted inputs users need to regulate and control business actions and make informed decisions. The dashboards in the module have a simple design and provide an overview of all financial activities – internal and external. With this module, users get access to detailed evaluations, analysis, figures, reports, and integration abilities. With the help of the aforesaid faculties, users can manage and run organizations with maximum efficiency.

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As businesses grow, there is a deluge of data that is collected from multiple sources.

Sage 300 ERP

It is a comprehensive all-in-one business suite that facilitates superior business management and smart decision-making.

Focus 9 ERP

Focus 9 is an innovative and dynamic ERP software solution that is lined with robust features.


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