Control Operation Cost Through Edge ERP’s Vehicle Management System

Intelligent vehicle management is what helps you differentiate your business from others. If you need to augment your range of offerings and scale up to the next level, Edge’s Fleet & Workshop ERP is what will help you get there. Similarly, a modern garage requires an ERP system that can get the most out of everyday operations. In order to run a successful garage, your ERP should not just provide clarity but also reliability which help you to balance your customers’ needs as well as the services that you can offer.


Features of Edge ERP Fleet and Workshop Management System

The Edge ERP for Fleet and Workshops is a system that will allow you to record and view asset as well as fleet details such as purchase, depreciation, disposal, insurance, general details and much more from within the module.

One of the benefits of using a robust ERP system for Fleet, Workshop and Garage Management

is it’s 360° garage management module that allows corrective or preventive service request, which in turn helps to maximize workshop and garage efficiency as well as increase employee productivity. By making use of the Edge ERP system, you will be able to increase customer satisfaction, build trust with your customers and thus increase their loyalty towards your services.


Additionally, with Edge ERP, service appointments can be requested online, and Service Advisors can schedule, book & confirm the requests. Complete vehicle details and history can be maintained in the system Fleet Pool including document attachments.


Across the UAE, garage and workshop operators are looking for innovative ideas and strategies which can be implemented to help streamline business and increase efficiency. For vehicular workshops and fleet management, the administration, customer management, record keeping, fleet management, financial management, asset creation, insurance claim and estimation etc. take a lot of time which may in turn cause your business to become less efficient. It is therefore recommended to use an ERP system that can aid you in the streamlining of all these chores.


Edge ERP Solution for Garage Management is specifically designed to make multiple areas of business easier to manage that maybe time consuming if done manually. This innovative garage management solution is equipped with a variety of smart applications that are important for the success of the business. Edge ERP offers automation for all phases of service including tire management, service request, depreciation history, accident record, insurance estimation, service request, job card, work order, fuel consumption, work order management & job card dashboards, odometer records and keeping track of financial information. With Edge ERP you will be able to deliver exceptional customer experience while maximizing your bottom-line performance and making smart decisions.


Case Study

A leading transport services provider in U.A.E. uses Edge ERP’s comprehensive Fleet & Workshop management module to manage their fleet of 3,000+ buses that provide transport facilities to over 100 schools. They have their own workshops to service and maintain these vehicles. All aspects of the Workshop Management, from corrective & preventive maintenance to financials are being handled within Edge ERP. The financial transactions related to the operations are updated periodically into Microsoft Dynamics, which is being used at the company’s group level. However, with over 100 schools to interact with (with buses allocated to each school), to schedule & manage their Service Appointment Requests and subsequent Service execution was becoming increasingly difficult. We helped automate the complete process, from the schools requesting service appointments online to the scheduling & execution of the service & maintenance of the buses through the cloud-based service accessible to each individual school. This resulted in increased operational efficiency at the workshops by reducing resource costs incurred earlier along with easy scheduling and management of vehicles.


If you wish to manage your expenses effectively, investing in Edge ERP solution is a beneficial step as it helps to manage each operation through automation, giving you and your staff an opportunity to invest time and resources in other vital business operations. A cost-effective solution for vehicle and garage management awaits you, call us today to learn more and understand the benefits of Edge ERP for your business. Rockford Computers continues to provide solid, effective and innovative digital transformation tools to make your business future ready.


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