Business Transformation and Automation through Sage Van Sales Module

Van sales management is at the center of supply chain management for companies that specialize in Direct Store Delivery (DSD) services in the retail and FMCG sectors. For any such companies, one of the most critical factors is customer satisfaction via effective delivery services. In order to achieve the same, it becomes imperative to have a robust ERP solution such as the Van Sales Management module that is provided by Rockford Computers. The SAGE module seamlessly integrates backend operations and the DMS (Distribution Management System) of the company, helping in easy handling of high-volumes.

The SAGE Van sales management module acts as an enabler and automates and stimulates resources optimization, augments invoice-to-cash cycles and simultaneously curtails operating cost overheads.When it comes to optimal van sales management systems, it is important that the organization would require a systems that is integrated well with mobile devices as it would help in real-time management of sales stock, identify efficiency and replenishment.

In some of the advanced van sales module, every mobile device along with the central database has an architecture that is synced both ways. This helps in the consumption of human hours which in turn increases the productivity of the employees in distribution and stock management. Additionally, digitalized data makes it easy for quick reference. It is also possible to have customized Van Sales Modules that helps in the sales and delivery process with the ability of complete control for amins and salesmen.

As discussed, complete business transformation becomes achievable by the use of Van Sales Management Modules. Some of the key benefits of Van Sales modules include:

  • Tracking and recording of all sales and delivery transaction dates, time, vehicle and salesman
  • Helps to reduce transaction errors.
  • Helps to reduce administration costs.
  • Easy tracking of payments collected by drivers.
  • Reduce returns.
  • Proof of delivery.
  • Improved management information.

Some of the common functions provided by the module include:

  • Accessibility to view customer information
  • Select stock delivery and stock return functions
  • Summary of transactions display
  • Delivery note and invoice printing
  • Easy view of outstanding deliveries
  • Print reports and analytics regarding delivery, stock and returns
  • Update of stock levels


In present times, as companies undergo complete digital transformation it has become imperative to embrace technology in a manner that will help to enhance your company’s processes and make it easy to stay with the current times. Digital transformation is aimed at simplifying your processes in a manner that helps in better productivity and enhanced streamlining of operations.


At Rockford Computers, we understand the need for automation in every sphere of operation and hence we provide solutions that help in transforming your business 360 degrees. Contact us to help you identify your best digital module.

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